3 Invisible Elements Your Sales Page Needs to Convert (One is Truly Unique)

Most people think music is about the notes.

But think about the silence between the notes for a second. Doesn’t the absence of sound complete the composition?

Without the silence, you only hear dozens of notes jostling madly into each other, causing a cacophony. Copywriting is a bit like writing a concerto. You may believe that copywriting is only about words.

If so, you are forgetting about critical, invisible elements that affect whether or not you make a sale.

Most readers skim madly through a sales page. They read the headline, a bit of the first paragraph, and then continue down the page.

Which sections can you, as a copywriter, engineer to decelerate a reader’s pace? Where do they slow down? Where do they stop? When writing a sales page, consider utilizing silent elements that help increase conversions.

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