5 Landing Page Formats that Are Suprisingly Successful

Recently, I’ve watched landing pages explode with creativity and new levels of power. For a long time, landing pages were pretty much all the same — a headline, a few bullets, and a capture form.

And they were boring. Dull. Not to mention ineffective. You can A/B test headline placement and CTA button color until the end of the age, and not experience any significant uptick in conversions. It’s big thinking, big ideas, and mold-shattering innovations that really take you places.

We’re in a new era of landing page optimization. Designers, marketing pros, SEOs, CROs, UX experts, and other professionals have pooled their collective wisdom to come up with landing pages that blow the mind and defy conventional wisdom. These are not your grandma’s landing pages.

Here are some of the disruptive elements in landing page optimization that I believe signal a new era in landing page design.

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